The original book of 27 experts offered our consensus view that Trump’s
mental state presents a clear and present danger to our nation and individual

World Mental Health CoalitionWorld Mental Health Coalition

The new edition! Ten more mental health experts join the original 27
to illustrate the social, cultural, and geopolitical consequences of
Trump’s psychological dangerousness.


Meet the 37 authors of the new book and thousands of other professionals who came together in historically unprecedented ways to offer our consensus view that Donald Trump’s mental state presents a clear and present danger to the world.

An ethics conference on the topic at Yale School of Medicine in 2017 drew national attention and led to the first book, which became an instant New York Times bestseller and the Washington Post’s “most courageous book of the year.”  Demands for an update gave rise to a second book, which will be released on March 19, 2019.  Meanwhile, we have become the nation’s first major mental health professionals-only organization to address the issue of dangerous mental instability in the highest office of the land.  Joining with our international partners, we have recently renamed ourselves the World Mental Health Coalition.

While Mr. Trump in the office of the U.S. presidency is our greatest and most immediate concern, our eventual goal is to help humanity build for itself a healthier and more sustainable world where this is less likely to happen.  We consider this as largely a mental health, not a material, issue.


Dr. Bandy Lee, editor of “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” will be speaking at the University of Akron on January 25, 2019, on a panel on the 25th Amendment with:

The event will be broadcast nationwide.

We will be holding our first interdisciplinary conference in March 2019 in Washington, DC. Top experts in the fields of mental health, law, history, political science, social psychology, and atomic science will come together in conversation to address the current dangers of our world. Details will be announced soon.


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