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We offer our consensus view that Trump’s mental state presents
a clear and present danger to our nation and individual well-being.
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Statement of the National Coalition of Concerned Mental Health Experts

We are concerned that the President’s mental state is unraveling.

The task of mental health professionals is to point out when psychological abnormalities become dangerous enough to threaten the public’s health, as these abnormalities can be difficult to recognize. We therefore must be clear: DONALD TRUMP’S MENTAL INSTABILITY COULD CAUSE HIM TO TAKE UNPREDICTABLE AND POTENTIALLY EXTREME AND DANGEROUS MEASURES TO DISTRACT FROM THE GROWING CHALLENGES OF HIS PRESIDENCY.

Violent acts are usually the end product of a long process that follows well-recognized patterns and a consistent history. We make predictions based on unacceptable levels of probability, not on certain outcome.

A psychiatric interview can contribute to the assessment of dangerousness, but a more reliable predictor of violence is past history, alongside a structured checklist of characteristics that might include:

–          a history of cruelty to animals or people,

–          behavior suggesting loss of control or impulsivity,

–          preoccupation with self,

–          access to weapons,

–          a history of broken relationships, such as with spouse(s),

–          seeing oneself as a victim,

–          lack of compassion or empathy,

–          lack of concern for consequences of harmful acts.

That the president has met not just some but all these criteria should be alarming, and the public should be made aware of his high disposition toward violence.

Due to the advancing special counsel’s investigations, as well as growing criticisms, we are entering a period when the stresses on President Trump will accelerate. We predict that this will increase his current mental instability.

We have enough publicly available evidence to be concerned that Mr. Trump is a danger to the public because of mental impairment, unless a thorough evaluation proves otherwise: specifically, his attraction to violence and war, incitement of violence in his followers, susceptibility to manipulation by hostile powers, detachment from reality when the truth becomes intolerable, paranoid responses, signs of cognitive deficits, and past escalations of irrational behavior in times of duress.

We are responding to our professional responsibility to society in sharing our expert knowledge. We call on Congress and the Cabinet, who have the power to act, to address our concerns and meet their Constitutionally designated responsibility to protect the public.