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Meet the 37 authors of the book and thousands of other professionals who have come together in historically unprecedented ways to offer our consensus view that Donald Trump’s mental state presents a clear and present danger to the nation and the world.

An ethics conference on the topic at Yale School of Medicine in April 2017 drew national attention and led to the first book, which became an instant New York Times bestseller and the Washington Post’s “most courageous book of the year.”  Demands for an update gave rise to a second book, which was released in March 2019.  Meanwhile, we have become the nation’s first and largest mental health professionals-only organization to address the issue of dangerous mental instability in the highest office of the land.  Joining with our international partners, we have recently renamed ourselves the World Mental Health Coalition (formerly the National Coalition of Concerned Mental Health Experts).

While Mr. Trump in the office of the U.S. presidency is our greatest and most immediate concern, we are also working on prevention by helping humanity to build for itself a healthier and more sustainable world where impaired leaders are less likely to rise to power. While we can assess societal mental health, we cannot improve it on our own. Multidisciplinary partnerships are necessary to that end, which is why we began with an interdisciplinary conference with the release of the second book. Subsequently, we performed a mental capacity evaluation based on the Mueller report (mental capacity is a basic requirement for fitness) and presented it at an online town hall the day before Robert Mueller’s testimony. In September 2019, we held a conference at Yale Law School around the need for mental health expertise in national discourse as a matter of public interest. We believe that an empowered polity must have access to facts as well as to expertise to make informed choices and to protect its own health and safety.

Executive Committee

Bandy X. Lee, President
Prudence Gourguechon, Vice President
Scott Banford, Secretary/Treasurer

Board of Directors

Bandy X. Lee, M.D., M.Div.
Prudence Gourguechon, M.D.
Scott Banford, LCSW
Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Ph.D.
Brenda Berger, Ph.D.
Edwin B. Fisher, Ph.D.
Richard Goldwasser, J.D.
Flora E. Lazar, Ph.D., LCSW
Jennifer Panning, PsyD
Rosemary Sword
Leslie Wagner, Ph.D.
Kevin Washington, Ph.D.

Advisory Board
(To be announced)

(To be announced)


The recent conference in Washington, DC, was our most monumental event to date, which means there was phenomenal teamwork behind the scenes!  We would like to thank, in particular:

Sara Pascoe, who was Bandy’s “right-hand woman” and did almost an equal amount of work in lock-step for weeks leading up to the conference

Mark Bruzonsky, who, as a reporter in Washington, was the brains behind the whole operation

Stacey Pritchett, who, as our web designer, stepped in upon every need regarding the web site, live stream, slide show, flyer, banner, and everything in between

Claire Silverman, who went through the entire new edition to select the best quotes from authors, and then the entire conference video to select the best “highlights”

David Schatz, who gathered all the essential videos and best slides for the film in the beginning and non-author slide show throughout

Sandra Luckow, who patched together videos to create a film for the conference on extremely short notice, and then the “highlights” video after the conference

Will Jenkins, who filmed the live stream following days of figuring out the technical aspects

Ian Fay, who helped with the technical aspects of live stream

Jeffrey Sachs, who helped conceive the event and agreed to moderate

Jerrold Post, who looked into George Washington University and helped select speakers

Edwin Fisher, who helped consider venues and speakers

James Merikangas, who toured Bandy around various potential venues

John Zinner, who helped brainstorm and gave advice

Jason Stanley, who helped us find the unique woman panelist who would agree

Robert McDonald, who stepped in at an urgent moment of need and gathered fax numbers

Leslie Wagner, who called around media contacts when our PR firm fired us two days before our event

Sheila Nielsen, who helped publicize our event and informed lawmakers

Barabara Lavi, who managed Twitter, took care of the house and food, and served as an usher

Robin Freedman, who publicized to the universities and served as an usher

Farrell Silverberg, who helped with announcements to professional societies

Mary Intermaggio, who managed the housing and ushers

And authors and others who came all the way to attend the conference and/or Coalition meeting:

Jennifer Panning

Steve Wruble

Gail Sheehy

Rosa Bramble

Prudence Gourguechon

Steven Moffic

Steve Hassan

Diane Perlman

Jenifer Wolf-Williams

Joseph Abraham

All of you have been marvelously congenial and generously giving of your time, ideas, and expenses as you support our fledgling organization!

For all those who watched us and rooted for us from afar, thank you for holding down the fort!

In solidarity and gratitude,

Bandy & Scott