Current Initiatives

  • The #1 read item on the Times website as of December 1, 2017: Click here>>
  • Please sign our next mental health professionals’ letter to all members of Congress.
  • A former Assistant U.S. Attorney has arranged Dr. Bandy Lee and Dr. James Gilligan to meet with eleven lawmakers and their staffs on Capitol Hill on December 6, 2017, to discuss the urgency of Donald Trump’s psychological deterioration.
  • Several members of the public are raising funds to deliver a copy of The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump to every Senator and every House Representative, accompanied by constituent signed letters and hand delivered by Herd on the Hill, starting on December 5, 2017.
  • Dr. Bandy Lee will testify before dozens of lawmakers at a policy dinner on Capitol Hill devoted to the topic of Donald Trump’s dangerousness in January 2018.
  • Mr. Bill Moyers will interview Dr. Bandy Lee and Dr. Robert Jay Lifton at a Harper’s Magazine and Book Culture joint event in New York City in February 2018.

Take Further Action

Are you a mental health professional? Add your name to our next letter to Congress and fill out our Contact Form to keep informed.

Are you a concerned citizen?

  1. Contact your Senators and Representative via email, phone call, or social media with your opinions on Donald Trump’s dangerousness and the need for immediate evaluation.  Ask them to read The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.
  2. Don’t know your members of Congress? Find them easily at these sites:
    1. House of Representatives
    2. Senate
  3. Ask your representative to support initiatives to evaluate a president under the provisions of the 25th Amendment.
  4. Find out when your members of Congress are holding local town halls and bring up the topic of the president’s mental health and your concerns.
  5. Write letters to the editor of your local newspapers and websites.
  6. Share this website on social media and encourage others to take action.
  7. Organize an event and invite the authors to come speak, or suggest your own action item.
  8. Visit and ask your own questions.
  9. Stay informed, stay positive, and stay involved!